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The Full Story About


From the minute I said what I wanted to do, who I wanted to be, what I wanted to accomplish, came the never ending "you can't", "it's not that deep". Except, it is.

I set out to be a photographer.

"You won't be successful"

I knew that I would do whatever it takes to be one.

"You aren't good enough." Because even though they doubted, "You just don't have the talent", I didn't.

Their words stung. So when the time came to push myself, the blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifice came in.

19, newly-wed with a 4-month old baby strapped to my back, I PURSUED. No money, in debt, driving hours begging people to let me take their photos. 


I watched baby Jude go from the carrier on my back, to a stroller, grow into standing and hugging my leg, to walking right next to me during my photoshoots, and I realized, I made it.


5 years later, here we are! My sweet Jude, husband, Caleb, and our new baby Finn. Living this dream that's now my reality and these hoodies are so much more than 'just another hoodie'.

They represent 2 things:

#1 my faith in YOU

YOU ARE ART. You can do whatever you set out to do. You can be who you set out to be. You can accomplish what you set out to accomplish, and I'M HERE FOR IT!

#2 your own journey

Til Death Do Us Art. Til death, we art. No one can stop you. Beacuse YOU. ARE. ART.

You aren't just buying a hoodie, you're investing in the pain, love, the whole journey. These are so much more than hoodies, they are art.

plus they're cute and soft. xoxo Lex

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